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About Improv Patrol

Christopher Bledsoe is the founder of Improv Patrol. We had a chance to talk to Christopher about the Improv Patrol:

For those who do not know, what is improv or improvisational theater? Improv is a great journey of listening to others, connecting to their stories and appreciating the interchange and performing the spirit of the story back via song, dance and theatrics. Audience members have the spotlight! Someone in the audience tells a moment or story from their life, chooses the actors to play the different roles, and then all those present watch the enactment as the Improv actors use improvisational theater to make the story come to life. You will see an interactive show between the actors and the audience like you have never seen before. The feedback from the audience is immediate, making this show the most intimate show ever.

How did you get started in improv? When I was 15, I saw an Improv Show and volunteered to tell a story and I learned so much about myself watching my life played back before my eyes. I vowed then I would start my own company and 15 years later I have a thriving Improv Company called Improv Patrol.

Why did you create the Improv Patrol? I created it because the world needs a place to value true communication and feel the cohesiveness of the community. Also it provides a safe place for actors and people in the world to express themselves freely without being judged.

What does the audience get out of it? Laughter, fun, entertainment, inspiration, love, joy, sadness, triumph and the safe haven from the world that the people of the community can come together under one roof and be entertained by each other’s life stories. Also, a wonderful family event as family events bond families and communities. What do the performers get out of it? The same as the audience as well as the gift of being the ambassadors of such an awe inspiring experience. They also experience the privilege and gift of setting aside themselves and becoming an empty vessel to become the storyteller via Song, Dance and Theatrics.

It seems pretty scary to have to come up with funny things off the top of your head while there’s an audience there. Have you ever been stumped? I have never been stumped, I train all my actors to channel a person’s story at all times.

Are any topics that are off limits? No.

What comedians do you look up to? Richard Pryor, Eddy Murphy, Tyler Perry, and Michael Jackson in his funny moments.

What can we expect from the show this month? You will be amazed, inspired, laugh a lot, cry and fall in love with the true art of communication all over again. As the audience often says to us, “I wish I could take you all home.” It is truly a night of “The Gift of Your Story is Our Script.” The audience is our program and boy do we love our audience!


With Love as its foundation, Improv Patrol seeks to spread the experience of Improvisational Theater via live performance and electronic media, in order to honor and validate individual life stories of each person on this earth regardless of age, sex, race, religion, financial status or creed and celebrate community connections.

We provide the Gift of bringing the world together community by community under one roof and celebrating each person’s uniqueness, culture and way of life. We celebrate you and your life story in our show. The audience is our Spotlight.

“The Gift of Your Story Is Our Script”

Improv Patrol is a 501C3 Nonprofit Organization