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Improv Patrol Auditions! Think you have what it takes to….. "Improv The Moment"? then we are looking for you! However we take Improv Acting VERY SERIOUS and we love what we do so we are ONLY looking for POSITIVE TEAM PLAYERS.

Many companies have a ton of actors however they all fight for exclusiveness and do not have each others back. The foundation of my company is LOVE AND RESPECT and we have each others back on stage and our ultimate goal is to make each other look good at all times!

Please do not contact us for auditions if you are not a team player and understand fully I am not here to deal with personality issues or personal issues. I am here to teach IMPROV ACTING so make sure that if you contact us you are truly interested in acting and truly learning the craft.

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any sexual or any type of harassment. We pride ourselves on being a VERY SAFE environment for actors to thrive and flourish. Our theater company is not a place to look for dates or to exchange personal contact info. Please do not exchange or ask for anyone’s personal contact info at any of our workshops if you do you will be dismissed immediately.

Improv Patrol is a 501C3 Nonprofit Organization