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Chella Mascioli

Chella Mascioli, is an Actor with the "Improv Patrol Theater Company". Chella, did not feel complete in her career of business and hospitality. Chella, knew she had to venture forth and do the one fulfilling career move of her life, to become an Improv actor, and she found this with the Improv Patrol Theater Company. Under the guidance and teachings of the Improv Patrol's, Director/Producer/Actor, Christopher Bledsoe, Chella's improvisational acting career began to take shape. Chella, is now performing on stage with the theater company and is appearing in Improv Patrol's TV commercial. Chella loves being on the stage, she enjoys bringing to the stage the audience's life stories. Chella, is continually inspired by Christopher Bledsoe, her fellow actors and the audience.

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