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Corporate Training

IMPROV ACTING WORKSHOPS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR BUSINESS SOAR! Improv Patrol is a leader in Authentic Communication, the actual process of a person truly listening and responding to an individual needs and goals. The only way to help someone is to truly listen and make each and every individual feel validated and truly heard. ONLY Improv Patrol can teach the true method of “The Art of Listening”

Is your business unique? We tailer all Improv Workshops for your business and goals! We GUARANTEE RESULTS! We tailor the content of our classes:

· To Your Audience – executives, managers, or the whole team!

· To Your Goals – leadership, creativity, communication, teamwork, sales, conflict management

· To Your Schedule – half-day or day-long workshops, three day programs, week-long classes

HOW OUR CLASSES HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION: Improv Patrol customizes each Imrov Workshop to teach each person unshakable confidence, how to speak and be heard, the true art of listening, and understanding what the customer is “Really Saying”. We’ll build classes to help your executive team improve their leadership skills, we GUARANTE we will help your organization to become more innovative and adaptive, managers become better leaders, sales people close more deals.

Most importantly we will teach your leaders how to become more effective leaders via:

* The True Art of Communication

* Creating and Maintaining a True Supportive Team

* How to Build Authentic Trust and Admiration for each team member

  • Executive Leadership
  • Time Deadline Management
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Teamwork & Communication
  • Professional Presentations & Media Relations
  • Sales Team Training
  • Conflict Management and Resolutions
  • Presentation Skills
  • Keynote, Motivational Speaking
  • Retreats

We create custom programs that fit your unique goals. Whether you need a half day, full day, a week or a month or a 6 month workshop, we will tailor the curriculum to meet your needs. We GUARANTEE RESULTS.

  • Business Leadership Skills Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Creativity Workshops
  • eam Building Workshops
  • >Time Management
  • Streamlining
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Corporate Innovation Classes

Improv Patrol has a True track record of helping Businesses, Brain Injury Clients, Organizations and people of all different back grounds and degrees and today it is your turn!

Improv Patrol is a 501C3 Nonprofit Organization