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You have an amazing, talented group, We all laughed so much. Very happy we all came. Thank you, see you in a couple of weeks. - Helen, Designer at Raymour and Flanigan

This show is a unique gem. It has the capacity to change you, see things in a new perspective & entertain. The audience is enthralled from start to finish. Everyone NEEDS to experience this psychological bouquet, it will deeply move you. Christopher Bledsoe's astute intuition directs his actors with compassion & he participates. Keep up the good work, you're making the world a better place : ) - C. Labrie

I can't stop thinking about the show last night! I'm so glad I went -- it was so different, & the interaction with the audience made it very personal. I was just thinking about how nice it was to end with the tributes. It was very touching to know that you were listened to and remembered. In this day & age, I don't think many people get that kind of affirmation in life, so that was a beautiful gift to come away with. You guys are AWESOME!!!!! - K. Crose

Finally a place where you REALLY get to be yourself and think outside the box and learn how to act. I signed up and found myself a second family. Growing to make ourselves better and hopefully encouraging others to fulfill their dreams - K. Alston

This is by far the best theatrical class that I've been a part of. Improv Patrol is a safe, positive environment to enhance your skills individually and as a group. Each form that is taught stretches the boundaries of what you "think" you can do and creates a can do performer! Kudos to Christopher and Improv Patrol!!! - F. Potenza

I came to Improv Patrol in July 2015. By far the best decision I have ever made. Improv Patrol gave me just one more reason to be thankful for being alive. There is no doubting oneself when you are surrounded by a great acting coach and great aspiring actors - G. Bellalina

Always have such a great time watching the performances & seeing the actors play out the audiences stories, it's thrilling and so much fun. - G Mascioli

By far the best Improv Show Ever! This show is electrifying! - L. Cruz

Started a month ago. I'm a stand up comedian looking to learn how to improvise better on stage. I've learned so much in such short time. Christopher's class celebrates individuality of the artist. He helps each artist shape their individual expression on stage and he creates a safe environment for artistic expression. Every week is a new challenge and so much fun!

You'll love this class. We not only tackle humor, but drama as well. - Improv Student

I have been taking Christopher class for 6 months. He teaches his class with encouragement and brings out the best in his students. My skill level and confidence is through the roof. I have learned how to give “kick ass” auditions. I have been getting more call-backs and getting lead roles on TV and in Movies. I was on “The Knick” playing on “Cinemax”, I Played the Immigration Inspector. I was also on the Investigation discovery channel “Deadly Devotions” I had a lead-role playing famous boxing trainer Tommy Gallagher. Christopher taught me how to do my best every time on stage.

Thank you, Christopher

- K. Crowley Actor, screenwriter

Yesterday's Meetup, was the most fun I have had since gee I seriously can not remember when!! Christopher, was an amazing teacher. I can not wait until next Wednesday and will attend open mike on Thursday. I learned so much. Also, to Christopher, if I did not RSVP for Wednesday or Thursday, PLEASE, RSVP me and thank you again! - Marcella

Meet up was fun freaking fantastic!!!!!! the more I go the more I feel closer to what living is all about. Best Acting Coach and group of people nope make that group of friends....YEAH - Chella

Last night was the Bomb, this class, brings out the best in everybody who encompasses it and our Coach, Christopher, is all the enthusiasm a person will need to keep going forward - Improv Patrol Students

The Class brings out the best in me!!!! and everyone else! - Improv Patrol Workshop student

Just heard tonight's commercial for our local news: "Christopher Bledsoe gives award winning performance as maniacal demon parrot. Film at 11:00." I think you're a hit!! : D

Great job tonight for everyone, & Rob's solo was wonderful! He is truly an awesome musician. Loved it all! XOXO - Audience Member

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